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Dental Care - How Early Should You Take Your Child To The Dentist?

What should you avoid and what should eat for healthy teeth and mouth? For many years, dentists have concluded that brushing teeth is not enough to achieve a healthy mouth. What they did is invent more products best suiting to take care of our dental parts. However, it seems that they were missing one thing, and they soon discovered it. What we eat also reflects our body system, and this includes our teeth and mouth. First, I tried brushing their teeth at home. If you didn't start this as a kitten, don't bother. Molly would rather bite you than look at the toothbrush and Apollo is only interested if he can lick it like a lollipop. 
It is very important to floss your teeth on a daily basis. In fact, flossing plays an important role in fighting numerous dental or gum problems. Doing so will help you to get rid of bacteria from in between your teeth that can result in gingivitis. In addition, you should brush your teeth more often. We know that brushing your teeth at least twice a day is highly recommended by dental care professionals. This will clean your mouth and help you to eliminate plaque buildup. Do not forget to brush your tongue as well. 

Some people actually overlook their tongue when brushing. Keep in mind that your tongue is considered as a perfect breeding area for bacteria buildup. It is best to choose a soft bristle tooth brush and replace it every two months. " During feedings, always hold the baby and the bottle. Not only it could choke the infant, the milk or juice can bring cavities while in contact with the new teeth. When the baby falls asleep during feeding, remove bottle from his/her mouth. If a bottle is needed to get the baby to sleep, fill it will water instead of milk or juice. When brushing, you want to make sure that you are using the proper equipment. 

You want your brush's bristles to be soft and comfortably fit your mouth. If you have pain in your hand or wrist that prevents you from brushing with a traditional toothbrush, give an electric brush a try. Brush your teeth frequently. Most dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Even better, brush your teeth after every meal. This will clean your mouth and prevent it from getting bacteria that can cause plaque and tartar build up. 

Use a soft bristle tooth brush and make sure to replace it every two months. Contact your veterinarian for more information. If your cat doesn't have a veterinarian, give Forest Home Animal Clinic in Franklin a call at 414-425-2340. My cats have gone there for over six years and I trust them completely.

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